Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do: Empty Hand Curriculum (Level 1/ Phase 1) *Members Only*

Congratulations on beginning your studies in Jeet Kune Do with us. You will be exposed to many different Martial Arts, from several different cultures as you progress through our Phase Classes.  Much like pieces to a puzzle, you will study different aspects of self-defense (fighting) as if they were pieces to that puzzle.  You will discover that each piece has a ‘best use’ application and you will learn how to use it appropriately, regarding that application.  Sure you can kick, but when, where, and how is of utmost importance.  This is one of the many lessons Sijo Bruce Lee taught to Dan Inosanto, who taught it to Paul Vunak, who in turn taught it to me.  This is called ‘Functionalizing your techniques.’

 The studies of Martial Arts have grown by leaps and bounds in the years since Bruce Lee. Today, the Martial Arts have been mixed freely.  But you should understand – that was NOT the case during the days of Sijo Bruce Lee.  He actually was the pioneer of mixing different arts and finding which art had the best technique for a particular situation.

Thanks to Sijo Bruce, we now know that studying many Arts at once is the best way to develop our self-defense skills.  

During your training here at Black Phoenix Martial Arts, you will need to keep a notebook!  Every week, you will be given handouts (in person and/or by email) that will help facilitate your learning.  There’s a lot of material and you WILL need to refer to your notes to reinforce your learning from time to time.

Jeet Kune Do is constantly evolving. Not because it’s just ‘all over the place’; but because it is a Philosophy more-so than an Art.  It is an ‘approach to combat’ more so than a ‘Combative Art’ itself.  If this is the first time you’ve heard that, or if that doesn’t seem to make too much sense to you – just keep studying.  It will make sense to you in time.  

I hope to act as a guide, and as a coach, not as the holders of some ancient secret. I have tons of information – a lot of it, I have forgotten.  But please feel free to ask me questions and be curious with your new skills.  Not only should you know a technique, you should know how it works, as well as, how it doesn’t work … and why and why not.  

Beyond all else, train friendly and safely.

In Health,

Sifu Khalil S. Shabazz; Founder / Chief Instructor

Empty Hand Curriculum (Level 1/ Phase 1)

Black Phoenix Student Manual
Lesson #2: a) Jeet Kune Do Stance (The Bia Jong Stance)
Lesson #6: a-d) Additional Defensive Options
Lesson #11: a-d) Basic Kicking Combinations
Lesson #12) Basic Kicking Defense
Lesson #13: a) 4 Ranges of Combat
Lesson #15) Introduction to Trapping
Lesson #17: a) The 3 Pac Sao Fundamentals
Lesson #18) The 5 Gates
Lesson #19) 5 Striking Sectors / Placement of the Da
Lesson #20) Primary Trapping Hands
Lesson #22) Sensitivity Drills
Supplemental Glossary

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Sifu Khalil Shabazz
Sifu Khalil Shabazz
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